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Love is in the air!

Hey there farmers!
Love is in the air in SheepSheep: Pixel Farm ❤️❤️🐑

From today to Februrary 21st:

Play mini-games to collect hearts and purchase new accessories and the new Heart Sheep!

Breed a Heart Sheep with some of your other Sheep to obtain 2 new kinds of Sheep!

Download SheepSheep Pixel Farm:

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mobile games sheepsheep

SheepSheep: Holiday Update

Happy Holidays to all! It’s time for the Holiday Season Event for SheepSheep, which starts today and will last until January 8th 2020!

We have added some merry clothing and a new farm to the shop, only available during the event in exchange for Gift tokens! Come play mini-games to earn some!

mobile games sheepsheep

SheepSheep: November Update

Howdy, fellow Shepherds! Ya can now dress-up your Sheep the same way that folks in them old Western movies do… sort of.

mobile games sheepsheep

Trick or treat!

SheepSheep’s Halloween event is on! Starting now and lasting until November 7th, you will be awarded with Candies that will allow you to buy special Sheep and Accessories whevener you claim a Minigame reward! So come play some Minigames, earn those Candies and unlock spoooooky new content!